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Champion Mastery Boosting


The security of your account is the most important thing for us. As Boostgap, We only require you to give your account’s username and password for League of Legends Champion Mastery Boosting and we completely hide them with our automated system which keeps them unreachable from boosters. You can be sure that all necessary precautions are taken by BoostGap for the security of your account.

To inform

While creating the order, make sure you have correctly selected the number of remaining tokens or champion level.

Is LoL Champion Mastery Boosting safe?

As long as you use our LoL Champion Mastery Boosting service, your account is not likely to be banned. By using the free VPN option, our booster will secure your account and it will be finished as quickly as possible.

About 3rd party software

Boosters are not allowed to use party software. The boosters working with us are proven experienced players and we regularly monitor their actions.

Communication with Booster

After you create the order, you can talk to your booster. You can also get information about your booster via live support.

How does Champion Mastery Boosting work?

First of all, from level 1 to level 5 you only need exp. The exp comes from a win game is much more than the exp comes from a lose game. At level 5 you need 2, at level 6 you need 3 tokens to level up your champion's mastery. These tokens are gain with at least S-. If you want to level up your champion's mastery this service is just a thing for you! Our booster team will level up your champion's mastery in the fastest way so that you will enjoy more while playing with your favorite champion.

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